It matters to us what our clients think!


I would also like to just reiterate what I have said previously, that IPS is very much proud of the transition we made back in August to partner with yourselves and allow IPS to move away from its own transport, your customer service and efficiency is clear to see. 

I know myself and the warehouse staff have built up a good relationship with your regular drivers and they are an asset to your fleet.

I hope that you feel the same with this great partnership, and we would always be open to listen to ways to improve or streamline the transport area to assist you further.


Darren Crowshaw - Managing Director

 What was your favourite thing about working with Silver X Group? 

Excellent customer services

Are they easy to work with? 

Yes, they provide a prompt and reliable service.


How have they shown that they are a good partner not just a vendor? 

SX have a flexible and experienced operational team which allows them to link in to our systems and provide a more seamless service compared to other warehousing and delivery partners.



What was your favourite thing about working with Silver X Group?

Silver X Group are a fast and reliable transport supplier and the process is easy enough to make any bookings for transport requirements.

Are they easy to work with? 

Yes 100%

How have they shown that they are a good partner not just a vendor? 

Always collect and deliver on time with super customer service.



What was your favorite thing about working with Silver X Group?

There isn’t one thing that makes Silver X stand out from the rest in a competitive haulage sector, there are several things. From top to bottom they are someway ahead of the rest.  I have used them for some 3 years and honestly feel they get better and better.  From their drivers who are punctual, polite and courteous and represent our business as our transport agents so well to the guys in the office who make the impossible seem effortless.  Not once  have they ever made me feel like our business doesn’t matter and continuously go over and above normal service levels to ensure our business transport needs are satisfied.

Are they easy to work with? 

I have worked in logistics for 12 years, Silver X are by far the most amicable and customer orientated transport company I have worked with. The guys there, in a stressful and demanding role, all possess brilliant sense of humour but also the most dedicated attitude to customer service. I absolutely 100% trust them with our haulage and they put themselves at the front of the queue time after time due to the consistency in their work.

How have they shown that they are a good partner not just a vendor? 

Absolutely. They represent us on a daily basis and we often receive emails, calls and messages commending their work and acknowledging that they represent us well.


Kath Richards - Director of UK Operations

We have been working with Silver X for just over 2 years and in that time have built excellent working relations with the management team and warehouse staff.

We work together as a team and Silver X have an efficient workable system in place to ensure accurate stock records are maintained at all times.  Due to the nature of our business where we have no lead times and in many cases when our customers require next day deliveries, Silver X always been able to accommodate our warehousing and loading requirements to ensure we meets customer demand.

CIUR UK would highly recommend Silver X to anyone considering using their services.


Brad Moore - Managing Director

Silver X have been providing transport and storage solutions for Operation Orphan since 2017.  I cannot speak more highly of the management and staff and of the quality of service provided.  They have gone above and beyond in helping us achieve our objectives of supporting orphans and vulnerable children around the world.  I am grateful for their generosity to storing our crisis response relief items at no charge.

I highly recommend The Silver X Group for all logistics solutions.


What was your favorite thing about working with Silver X Group?

 They care, if you ask for something they will do it very quickly and they are a human organisation that take responsibility - Nobody trying to pass the buck !!  

 We are moving more of our work to Silver X. Dan and Gavin are very fair and direct in my experience.  We had a few initial problems to overcome but Silver X helped us sort these out.


Are they easy to work with? 

More like an extension of your own company but a warehouse run by them !!  

How have they shown that they are a good partner not just a vendor? 

 Time and time again they have helped where they need not have got involved.  So yes they go the extra mile, no hesitation to recommend and I am extremely particular! 


Scott Purdom - Commercial Manager

 Gavin has always delivered at good quality service at a competitive price, when asked to go the extra mile, his team are always willing to help. A great guy to do business with, he is honest and with integrity. 


Ivan Bere - Logistics Manager

 I was aware of Gavin's work from my days at Laura Ashley and as such, did not hesitate to engage him to provide an urgent transport solution after our contractor withdrew at short notice. He was very helpful in resolving initial problems that were encountered due to the speed of change and implementation of the new transport structure.  After we were running smoothly with our own transport operation, Gavin has remained a source of personal support and I draw confidence that he is there to provide support or solutions if ever I need them. .